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My hands look like this alot! (Photo Credit: Lara Ferroni)

I just sent out an email to my mailing list about upcoming classes. I’m posting them here too because folks fly in for the day or a weekend to take a session with me in Seattle.

Crazy you say?

I’ve had people come from as far away as London and Dubai! Well, truth be told, they were here for other things, too, but the class was high on their priority list and some adjusted their travel dates in order to get into a workshop. On the way home on domestic flights, their just baked pie is their carry-on on, too!

Here are some words from Richard who’s wife, Kathy, talked him into flying all the way from Ohio to Seattle for a weekend to take a class with me.

“OK, when I told everyone that I was flying 2500 miles to Seattle to take a pie making class they said ‘really?’, and truthfully I was a little skeptical myself. I thought: ‘What did my wife rope me into this time?”. All those doubts soon disappeared once I placed myself in the capable hands of Kate. Not only did I learn to make a great pie, but I learned that pie is something bigger than what’s in that 9” dish. In fact, I learned a kind of pie gestalt, and beyond the great crust and wonderful filling is something made with love and infused with feelings of family and friends, tradition, and wonderful memories. Thank you Kate, it was worth the trip!” —Richard in Ohio

I’m so glad Richard and Kathy came and we continue to stay in touch. So many in my classes become friends.

I must say the words “I love my work!” at least five times a day. Pinch me someone. I’m a pie teacher! Does it get any better than this?

All classes listed below are in Seattle, WA.  If you would like a workshop or demonstration in your area and there is enough interest it just might be possible. And, as my grandmother said, “You won’t know unless you ask!”

Winter Art of the Pie Seattle Class Schedule


Saturday, Mar 17, Noon: St Patrick’s Day Savory Pie: Workshop

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