Shuksan Strawberries

Shuksan Berries taken with my iPhone!

Eating the first strawberry of summer is up near the top of my Lifetime Greats list.

This week the Shuksan strawberries are in. If you’ve never had one, get yourself to a Farmers Market somewhere in Western Washington right away to see if you can find a farmer who has some. If you are successful in locating them, buy as many as you have space to freeze, bake and eat. They are perfection in my mind.

I knew nothing about this variety 23 years ago when Duncan was young, but, my nursery man said they were really good and that someone had just brought them in to sell. I bought 25 plants, and once home, soaked their roots a bit and set them out.

I remember it rained right after—a blessing on the crop.

4 years later, I had 4- 25 x 4 raised beds full of sweet berries propagated from those original plants which provided me with hundreds of pounds; plenty for eating, baking, freezing, giving and bartering.

A group of Seattle food folks gathered in lucious Shuksan strawberry fields just outside of La Conner to share this special treat. This photo is from that day. (P.S. I’m always amazed at the wonderful photos my little iPhone takes!)
Shuksan Strawberries

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