Adventures in Moving

Duncan and Lance ready to roll.

The big move is over! The actual physical part of it was handled by my intrepid son, Duncan, and dear friend Lance. I packed boxes and was stunned to see how much I had collected in the 11 years I had lived in my house in Port Angeles. It’s the longest I have ever lived anywhere.

I remember well the years when everything that I owned fit into a 1971 VW beetle. Ah, how I long for the days when I could pack up in a matter of hours and hit the road.

What I had was years of accumulated stuff that I had set aside for the day when I would make that quilt, re-read those books, study homeopathy more in depth, finish the Waldorf doll that has sat languishing in the craft closet for way too many years.

At moments like these it is good to have a caring friend who can help you make those important decisions…you know, the ones that are the “when in doubt, throw it out” type decisions. My dear friend Zorba fills that place in my life.

For several afternoons, Zorba came over after she finished teaching pre-school to help me make those hard decisions. Together we filled box after box, placed them in our cars and made many trips to the local Goodwill in Port Angeles. With each load out of the house and gone for good, I starting feeling lighter and happier. What I kept needed to please me in some way, or be something functional for my life or work. Even with the “gleaning”, Duncan and Lance filled a small sized U-Haul truck, the one with a mom’s attic in it.

On moving day, I led the parade; me in my car, Lance in his and Duncan driving the truck. We left Port Angeles around 2pm, crossed the Hood Canal Bridge, took the ferry from Bainbridge Island to downtown Seattle, finally making our way to my new digs in West Seattle.

The boys got right to work moving everything in. I had to make a few last minute decisions about where things were going to go and was still seeing stuff that I knew should have been left behind….not a lot, but enough to fill another car load.

In a few hours, the truck was empty and the guys wanted to eat. We found a neighborhood teriyaki spot and gratefully devoured whatever was in front of us. Then Lance headed back in his car, to the Olympic Peninsula and Duncan and I made our way home and through the piles boxes. We did find the sheets and were able to make up a bed in my room and one in his (which will also be the guest room).

After returning the truck and breakfast the next morning, it was back to the Peninsula so Duncan could pick up his truck and I could get Lady, the dog and Fez, the cat.

That same day I turned right around and headed back to Seattle because my piano was being delivered early the next morning.

I’ve used the same piano tech/tuner/mover for decades and I trust him greatly. Still it’s always a bit stressful to see a beautiful grand piano up on it’s side. Once it got inside and situated, I felt truly at home even though I was surrounded by boxes.

I wasn’t able to spend much time putting them away at all, since next on the agenda was getting in the car and heading to Walla Walla to take part in a baking weekend with Neal Johnson at her lovely farm. More about that in another post.

After Walla Walla, I returned to my new house on Sunday night and realized that I no longer had to make a 3-hour journey each way from Port Angeles to teach in Seattle ever again!

I set to work over the next week putting things away and putting more things away and putting more and more things away. By Sunday, I had the house ready enough to host my first Art of the Pie classes in my new kitchen.

Over the next few weeks, I have weeded out more stuff, hung pictures, taught more classes, travelled to CA, planted my garlic, transplanted my Shuksan strawberries and now have just a few boxes left to unpack or store.

And, you know what’s left? It’s all the paper that seems to accumulate. I can’t say that computers have made my life anywhere near paperless!

But I have a goal. Tomorrow my first house guest will arrive and the boxes full of paper in the guest room, are going to find their way either to a filing cabinet or out to the garage for some organizing…


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    Update on the move…I found out yesterday that someone broke into the storage area where I had left some things. Smashed in a window and took electronics and who knows what else. I’m sorry that this happened and feel so badly for anyone who would feel that this was an “OK” thing to do. I can only think that the life of the person(s) that did this must be horrible…that there upbringing and family life or lack of it must have been a contributing factor. I may have lost some “things” but no one can take my family, friends, sense of humor and sense of integrity. That is wealth that continues to bless me with it’s growth.

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