An Upper Crust Pie Weekend in Montana


The Pie Pavillon at Upper Crust Pie Camp at Paws Up

Last week I was in Montana at The Resort at Paws Up. We made a bit of history holding the first ever Upper Crust Pie Camp! We had a blast making beautiful pies and there was no shortage of them. With savory quiches for lunch and sweet pies for second desserts (both gluten free and gluten full) we were living and eating high on the hog!

Our workshop sessions were held in what I now call The Pie Pavilion.

We had rolling pins from Fletcher’s Mill (formerly made by Vic Firth), bakeware from Le Creuset and Irish butter from KerryGold.


Our Montana huckleberry fillings were superb and we also had raspberry, Marionberry, blueberry, strawberry and more to choose from. Chef Ben at Paws Up told me that he had been stalking the Missoula Farmer’s Market for months in advance to supply us with what I call “pie worthy fruit”.

New York Times food photographer, Andrew Scrivani, gave two workshop presentations on food photography and then I caught him showing the correct form for capturing a photo of a just baked pie.


New York Times Photographer Andrew Scrivani Capturing an Upper Crust Camp Pie.

My friend, Chef Robin Leventhal, created a delicious meal for all of us campers on the second night of camp. And, I can only say that I’m looking forward to the 2nd Upper Crust Camp at Paws Up next year!


Oh, and here’s the view as we were landing in Port Angeles. Wow!


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