Art of the Pie Austin Part 1

It’s been less than a week since I returned from Austin where I met incredible people, ate fabulous, food, made music with a pie peep, and held two amazing workshops! I’m already looking at my calendar towards my next trip to hold more workshops.

Here are a few highlights.

DAY 1: The first thing that happened was that I almost missed my plane! Really!!!

I figured I could mosey on over to Seattle from my cottage in Port Angeles in the morning, enjoy a late breakfast at Meander’s, my favorite spot in my old West Seattle neighborhood, and then head to the airport and hop on the plane. But, when a friend, who kindly offered to drive me to and fro, called the day before I was to fly and suggested that I re-confirm my flight times, I was stunned to find that I had not an afternoon but a morning flight which meant that I really needed to head over the night before which meant NOW!

I kicked it into high gear and got my packing done pronto!

As always when I am packing for out of town workshops, the first thing I put in is my 5 rolling pins, followed by my favorite measuring cup and nearly a ream of paper printed with recipes for workshop participants. Every piece of cool clothing that I have was tucked in next and I was ready when I was picked up just an hour later. I popped around the corner to my neighbor, Omma‘s, to say good bye and make last arrangements for her to watch over “Fez the Cat” for the week, and then the journey East began.

I breathed a sigh of relief and now that I was on the road, (and someone else was “Driving Miss Daisy”) I relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery on the way to the Edmonds ferry. There was a last minute stay at the house of some friends and I slept like a baby until it was time to get up.

DAY 2: Breakfast was on the fly on the way to SeaTac—goat yogurt, fruit, a GF scone and cup of tea. My rolling pins made it through TSA and I found myself a comfy corner to read while I waited to board. It was a stunningly beautiful flight and from my window seat, I was able to see Tahoma in all her glory!

Tahoma (also known as Mt Rainier)

Austin is a GREAT food town and if you like to eat and haven’t been there, put it on the top of your list for a gastronomic travel experience. The food trailer culture is out of this world. I ate some of the BEST food I’ve ever had…from Tex-Mex to Thai. Austin has it all!

I stepped off the plane into Austin’s very warm clime just in time for dinner. My wonderful hosts for the week, Jenny and Yam Tolan, fetched me and my satchel full of rolling pins and spirited me away to Raymond’s Three Little Pigs for my first taste of what was in store for me. Raymond’s set the bar for my food-centric week.

Raymond’s Three Little Pigs, Austin

1st bites in Austin. Korean Style BBQ Pork with Carrot-Daikon Salad and Kim Chi.


Next I was spirited off to Congress Ave for a quick dessert and people watching at Seconds

Lemon Curd Brulee with Cornbread Ice Cream, Coconut Jasmine Rice Pudding with Poached Pears and Carrot Curry Sorbet

I fit into Austin’s fashion style wearing flipflops, my year-round-shoe-wear-of-choice.

After this packed day of flying and food, and the scenic drive to the Tolan’s Tarrytown neighborhood where I met their two delightful boys, Theo and Finn, I was ready to tuck myself in for the night in their 2nd story guest house. Yam turned down the air conditioning to a comfortable NW temp of 69 for me and I slept soundly with a full tummy all night long.

Next: Day 3…

Austin Part 2
Austin Part 2


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  1. says

    Sounds like a very fun trip. Eagerly awaiting the rest of it…

    I had to laugh at your food photos. People are always wondering why I take so many photos of food. Friday night my hubbie remarked I was supposed to EAT the food, not TAKE PHOTOS of it.

    I’ve always wanted to go to Texas. One of these days, I must make it there!

    • says

      Gwen- Thanks for checking in. You will love Austin when you go…absolutely love it. If it weren’t quite so warm…well, I might consider moving there. But, I’m a West Coast beach girl, born and bred. Keep taking those photos! —Kate

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