Art of the Pie Austin Part 3: A Visit to Bud’s

So I’ll cut right to the chase. On my third evening in Austin, Dennis, Yam and I took a field trip to Round Top, TX.

We left Austin in Yam’s car during Friday afternoon traffic hour and I seriously wondered if we were going to get to our destination, Royer’s Round Top Cafe, before it closed for the night. We had a few text and phone messages along the way so Bud knew when we’d be pulling in. After a couple of hours, Dennis navigated us down an unpaved, graveled road. Was this the way to what is a mecca for pie enthusiasts internationally? Really? Yes and after one more turn, there it was—the little cafe that has gotten national if not international attention! Royer’s Round Top Cafe!

Royer’s Round Top Cafe

What a welcome we received when we arrived! Bud was sitting on the front porch of his little cafe ready to hold court in a chair that could only be called “pie”fect for him! 60’s and 70’s music was piped through speakers on the covered porch. Hugs and smiles!

Bud’s “Pie”fect Chair

We must have talked for 30 minutes before we headed inside the cafe where Bud had saved Table Number 1 for us. We all sat down, Bud included, and the evening continued with plate after plate of great food coming out of the kitchen that Bud’s son-in-law commands.

Royer’s is deceptive in that which it delivers. We expected hamburgers, fries and pie. What we got was Grilled Quail, Red Snapper sautéed in white wine, olive oil, basil, garlic & tomatoes, Grilled Rack of Lamb and, of course, a big selection of pie. There’s a good wine list, too, although I was very happy with my refills of house made raspberry ice tea.

We ate and talked, laughed and ate some more while we watched every seat in the cafe fill and table top overflow with Royer’s food.

As Bud shared some of his wit and wisdom (called “BUDisms“), I felt right at home as us pie folk have a big desire to share our love with others and what better place to do that than around a table over good food and conversation…and of course, pie. My favorite BUDism: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Bud cares alot!

Dennis, Yam and Bud the Pie Man

After we could not take even one more bite, Bud took us over to Royer’s Pie Haven, just around the corner, which is run by his daughter, Tara. (This is truly a family operation!) He would not let us leave without a Veggie & Cheese Pie Casserole for the road. Oh my!

I had a wonderful time and am looking forward to my next visit. Until then, my friends, if you get to Royer’s Cafe before me, tell Bud “hi” for me!

And, one last thing. One of Bud’s favorite quotes: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” —Dr. Seuss

Thank you, Bud! Your generosity knows no bounds.

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