Art of the Pie in New York Times!

This is me...a happy pie maker!

This is me…a happy pie maker! (Photo Credit: Kelly Cline)

This may totally be my 15 minutes of fame and I’m still kind of in shock, but today I was in the New York Times!

I mean, I’m a self-taught baker and a self-taught pie-maker. For that matter, pretty much everything that I’ve done in my life has been self-taught. My mom did always tell me that the only way I learned ANYTHING was to do it myself…and many times that turned out to be the hard way. Is that true for you, too?

So, I was interviewed by NYT’s travel writer, Elaine Glusac, recently and the thing that I like the most today is my quote that she chose for the article:

“The key is to keep all your ingredients chilled…Actually, I always say keep everything chilled, especially yourself.”

And that’s the truth!

The biggest challenges that folks who come to make pie with me have are:

  • fear of dough and rolling (think about something else like a beautiful flower when making or rolling dough and just keep going.)
  • the weather is hot and the fat melts while making dough (bake early in the morning, pop the dough in the fridge to chill it back up, double bowl it with some ice below the top bowl, turn the air-conditioning on.)
  • hot hands that melt the fat (hold onto ice-cubes for instant pastry maker hands.)

I’ve written about these things over the years in my blog and talk about them ALL the time at my workshops and camps.

Fear is really what keeps us from doing and succeeding. What’s the worse thing that can happen?

  • Will life as we know it end if the pie dough is not rolled out in a perfectly round circle?
  • Will cracks in the middle or the sides cause an earthquake?
  • If it falls a part when it goes into the pan, or burns in the oven will the sky fall down?

Absolutely NOT!

And, if you stop and think about it, maybe that’s how grunts, buckles, crisps and slumps were invented!

Ok, so I’ll chill now because that’s not really what I meant to write about.

May I share with you the link? Oh please say, yes, because here it is…

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! 
Art of the Pie in the New York Times!

P.S. I’ve added some new workshop dates at Pie Cottage. I hope you’ll come to make pie with me. We chill a lot. 😉

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