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Harmony Woods

I read this morning, “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone” in Jean Houston’s The Wizard of Us.

I have been brought to the edge. Willingly? I’m not sure. But, I know it is time. My body out and out said so. How much clearer could it be when one cannot breathe and needs a 911 visit and day at ER.

“You are breathless, little one. It is time to take a breather.”

I’ve been here before…Exhaustion + Anxiety + Sleeplessness bringing on episodes of breath-less-ness.

My doctor prescribed pills. I tried them for several nights. They relaxed me but did not bring much needed sleep. I put them aside and resorted to my tried and true valerian tincture and slept like a baby.

A two-month medical leave of absence was also prescribed. The timing was perfect for the company for whom I have worked for over a decade as we mutually decided “retirement” for me…a new generation coming in to claim the department that I created. Yes, I had mixed emotions as I am in no way prepared financially for this. Wouldn’t you? But, I trust that this is in my highest good.

The first weeks were spent sleeping and reading at Pie Cottage…no energy even to walk. Cooking a big pot of soup on the woodstove that would last for days…and resting. That was enough.

Now, I am nearing the end of a two-week visit to dear friends in the Midwest who have received me, nourished me, loved me and given me the space just to be…asking nothing in return other than I be authentic in asking for what I need in this moment…and then making it happen. Bless them. Bless them for soothing teas, warm fires, cinnamon toast, and peace. I cherish this time.

Today is the first day of Winter and as I look out on the snowy landscape in front of me I can feel the sap beginning to stir deep within.

Yes, I am here…at the edge of my comfort zone.

Harmony Woods Sunset

Harmony Woods Sunset

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  1. Laura says

    Oh, Kate–You are made for challenges (apparently) and always find the adventure in trial! Take care of yourself and continue to bless the goodness around you.

  2. says

    Peace to you, dear Kate. Listen to your body, listen to your heart and know when to slow down, look in a different, a new direction and even just take a break. Enjoy the holidays with loved ones and let others do the cooking and baking! Ilva is right, you are precious. We want to wrap you in warmth and love and rays of sunshine. Happy, joyous and peaceful holidays, dear friend xo

  3. says

    On the cusp of something. Let the cold of winter let you hibernate, rest and gain strength for the string that will emerge. Take good care, that is a tough lesson for such a go-getter that is you Ms. Kate!

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