Au Revoir: I’m Off to France!

Kitchen at Camont: Kate Hill's beautiful 300 year old farm house in Gascony.

After 32 years of child-rearing, 27 years of marriage (not all of them to the same man) and a lifetime of caring for pets and plants, tonight I am getting ready for a plane ride to France by myself!

Am I excited? You bet I am.

This trip has been long in coming. Post college, I got married, raised babies and worked. My concern and focus were my family. I LOVED that time of my life and over the months to come, I will share stories of the many wonderful dreams that were fulfilled during those years.

But, in my traveling dreams, the first place on the tip of my tongue has always been France.

When I set my foot out the door tomorrow that dream will become a reality. I’ll be embarking on a new and wonderful adventure. I hope you will follow the journey with me here.

The first order of business will be to fly from Seattle to Paris, and then another flight to Toulouse in Southwest France where Kate Hill will pick me up and drive me to her culinary retreat, Kitchen at Camont. Ten folks from the Pacific Northwest, California and New Mexico will join us there for a 4-day workshop of baking, cooking, exploring and photographing.

There are bound to be some surprises along the way. So, wish me well and hold on to your hat, ’cause here I go!

P.S. I wonder why “Born to Be Wild” just popped up into my head?

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  1. Liza says

    Yay! Thought of you yesterday. My daughter saw all the apples at PCC and said, “We should make pie!”. We’ll get apples at the market next weekend and I’m putting in my order for lard now.

    Have a wonderful trip!

  2. says

    France was my first travel destination chosen by me, for me. After years of trips to visit the family elsewhere or go where hubz and kids wanted to go,it was wonderful. Have agreat time Kate.

    • says

      Hi Barbara-I hope your trip was wonderful. I’m finding it hard to close my eyes tonight. I think tomorrow is going to be a day where I may be saying, “Pinch me someone, I must be dreaming!” But, it won’t be a dream anymore. It will be real!

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