Bake Those Pies!

My hands look like this alot! (Photo Credit: Lara Ferroni)

Wow! What a great run of classes and workshops. There are just a few spaces left for the remaining Seattle winter classes. Click here for more information.

I’m pulling back on my teaching schedule as I hunker down to finish my book. That doesn’t mean I won’t be teaching, just not as much as the 4-7 classes a week I’ve been doing for 3 years. Believe me that’s a lot of pie!

The current plan is to offer one or two workshops per month in Seattle and 2-day Pie Boot Camps on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington starting in the late Spring.  More info about these opportunities will be coming so be sure to sign up for the email list to get notice and make your reservations.

Coming up I’ll be on the road to Austin in May and maybe Boise spreading the word of pie! Be sure to email me if you would like to have an Art of the Pie workshop where you are.

Be Happy, Make Pie! (Photo by Stephen Gross)




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  1. says

    Hi Kate – Were you per any chance on the Grand Canyon River Trip with Connor Sauer in Sept 1992? Heavens, too many years ago, but I think I remember those blue eyes.

  2. says

    How lovely! I would love to be able to go to your class to see you how you run them. I have been asked several times to do this my town, but haven’t got up the courage.
    Was great meeting you at Blogherfood!

  3. says

    Omg!!! I didnt know you were planning 2-day sessions in Washington… if theybare in seattle i wld love it… also didnt know you were open to doing workshops wherever your fans are…what would it take to bring you to our nation’s capital? Free housing goes without saying…

    • says

      I’ll be in Austin in May and 2-day “Pie Camp!” will be on the Olympic Peninsula in Port Angeles near Olympic National Park after that. It will be a wonderful weekend. More details will be coming. I would love to do a workshop in DC! Email at artofthepie gmail com and we can chat.

  4. Lori Lynn Gray says

    Oooh! Olympic Peninsula 2 day pie workshop? I would love to! I will watch for details…

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