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Yesterday was a pretty big day for me. My pie class was chosen Seattle Weekly’s Best Cooking Class of 2010! What a huge honor! I’m happy and humbled and feel I’ve found a little nitch that means something to others.

Young Pie Makers at Art of the Pie

Although it takes many long hours to run and manage a business single-handedly, I’m having a heck of a lot of fun doing what I love and that more than makes up for the many late nights and early mornings that I find are the norm.

Making Pie with Ruth. (Photo by Chloe Kaplan)

Quite simply put, I love to teach! Young and old, beginner or master, to see the spark of recognition when something clicks and the smiles of delight when a student achieves what they had no idea they could do is the “payment” that is priceless.

I love to teach! (Photo by: Jeff Shaw)

After I’ve tidied up the last crumbs off the counter and swept the floor clean, I leave the kitchen re-energized, smiling and satisfied that teaching is one of the “Best Of” professions in the world.

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  1. says

    Wonderful news, Kate! Congratulations. I hope this accolade brings in a bounty of new business. So wonderful that you can make a living doing something you love so much, but also something that is so giving and beneficial to others. Hope I get to take your class someday. Love, Beth

    • says

      Hi Beth- Great to hear from you! Who would have thought that this is what I would be doing now? It’s a heck of a lot of fun. We should do a class together in Portland! Kate

  2. says

    Thanks Patty! I have a heck of good time sharing my love of teaching. Pie belongs to all of us and I hope that more and more folks will realize that it really is As Easy As Pie! Kate

  3. Patty Kovach says

    Congratulations Kate! Teaching the best cooking class in Seattle is quite an honor. I know it must be wonderful to be recognized for doing something you love. Keep up the good work.

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