Baking in a Reliable Oven


Baking in a Reliable Oven There are two major challenges that a pie maker faces… Keeping the fats well chilled and… Baking in a reliable oven.  Everything else is easy…more or less. But the mechanical part of the operation, the actual oven unit that we heat up, to place the fruit of our labor inside of, with the […]

Have You Considered the Fork?


When I’m not making pie, I’m somewhat of an avid reader. It’s always been that way. When I was in elementary school, my folks let me chose books, as many as I wanted, through Scholastic Book Club, and then I would find a way to be “sick” in order to stay home to read them the next day. […]

Old Stoves in Garnet, MT


Last fall when I was in Montana teaching, Duncan, Robin and I took an afternoon off to visit the gold mining ghost town of Garnet, MT. The tourist season was just about over by then so we had the place pretty much to ourselves. I was fascinated by the old stoves left in the cabins and how much work […]

IFBC 2015 and Pie

I’m looking forward to hooking up with friends, new and old, in just a few weeks at the International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC 2015) in Seattle. I haven’t been for a year and always enjoy the networking that happens at the event more than anything. The last time I attended, I forgot to bring business cards, […]