Best of Show Cherry Pie

Morello Cherries & Cherry Pie copy-2

Best of Show Cherry Pie This is my Best of Show Cherry Pie that brought me my first blue ribbons. I was pretty excited when I learned it had been chosen Best of Show, too!  Whoopee! It’s cherry pie time! I love this season of year. The days are long and warm. In fact, Western […]

An Easy Gooseberry Pie


An Easy Gooseberry Pie It’s berry season in the northwest and I hope it is where you are, too. Last week at my local grocery I felt exceptionally lucky to score two 1/2 flats of red gooseberries. Not only were they beautiful, they were exceptionally sweet! I couldn’t believe that no one…let me repeat that…NO ONE had […]

The Dishes


You would think I would have developed a better relationship with “the dishes” than I have. Here they are in all their messy glory, staring at me. I know…it could be worse. There could be even more! Last night they did duty when I set the table for a wonderful dinner with a friend from […]

Update on Another Project


I’m still here…REALLY! I’m smack dab in my busiest time of the year. Fruit is spilling out everywhere, at farmers markets, on my neighbors’ trees and in their gardens, on my trees, and it’s not letting up! It’s almost a full time job keeping up with it but I know I will be happy I’ve muscled my […]