A Cottage Pie


A Cottage Pie The warmth from my oven spills into the living room…not hard to do as this is a cottage. After I let my four legged companions outside and breathe in the damp cool morning air, I come back inside….cinnamon, sugar, butter…my house smells happy!

Mince Pie

"Merrell-soule 1905-1109 mincemeat" by Syracuse Post-Standard - Syracuse Post-Standard. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Merrell-soule_1905-1109_mincemeat.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Merrell-soule_1905-1109_mincemeat.jpg

Mince Pie “Mince pie, like Masonry, arouses curiosity from the mystery attaching to it. Its popularity shall never wane until faith is lost in sight.”—Editorial page of the Montpelier Argus and Patriot for March 10, 1880 Let me tell you something straight off. I have never made a Mince Pie. In fact, it’s one that […]

Small Birds in a Pie

My take on "Small Birds in a Pie"

Small Birds in a Pie Fall is here and the first snow of the season is on the Olympics! During the sun breaks, I run outside to see it sparkle on the peaks of Hurricane Ridge. Greta, Mr Fez, and I are sleeping in a bit later in the mornings and as I grind the […]

Welcoming Fall

DSCF4170-web copy

Welcoming Fall It’s Fall. I wonder sometimes why we call it Autumn when Fall is so much more apt. Welcoming Fall. Branches heavily laden with ripe apples and quince.  A shawl around my shoulders and socks on my feet in the morning, instead of bare. The first scent of woodsmoke wafting in my window from a neighbor […]