Call Pie-One-One for TDay Help!

Just in time for your Thanksgiving Pies it’s Pie-One-One Time again.

Pumpkin Pie made with Coconut Milk (Photo Credit: Stephen Gross)

Pumpkin Pie made with Coconut Milk (Photo Credit: Stephen Gross)

Here are a few links to my recipes, videos, tips, tricks, and technique.

Flour, Salt, Fat and Water (a pie-dough tutorial on the original Art of the Pie Dough)

About Bowls, Pans, Pins, Cups, Aprons, Fruit, Filling, Dough, Vents and Baking. 

Art of the Pie Dough Recipe

Gluten-Free Flour Mix & Pie Dough #1

Gluten Free Flour Mix #2

Gluten-Free/Vegan Pie Dough

Leaf Lard (what it is and how to render it)

Making a Lattice Crust (scroll down in the entry for the link to a quick video that lots of folks have viewed and had success with!

Rolling Pins (a variety of options)

A Pin That Rolls Merrily Along

Tips & Tricks for Making Pie in Hot Weather

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving Day Pie? Does it have a family history? Pass on those stories. We’d all love to hear them!

And, I’ll be talking pie on Twitter tomorrow morning 11/22/13 at 7AM EST/10AM PST with pie greats Nancie McDermott, Emily Hilliard, Julia Collin Davison, Paula Haney, Jan Moon, and Tiffany MacIsaac sponsored by American Food Roots. Use the hashtag #TGpiechat. We’ll share our tips and answer your questions in time for the Thanksgiving pie-athon!

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