How to Refresh a Pie

Deck the Halls with Pie & Folly! Tra la la la laaaaa---la la la laaaaaa! 

How long will a pie last, and how do you refresh a pie are two questions I am asked weekly. So take a deep breath and read on for some of the longest run on sentences I’ve ever written! How Long Will a Pie Last? How long will a pie last? Well, that question is pretty open ended […]

Pie Camp July 2012!

Ready for the oven.

Four days of non-stop Pie Making! What could be better? Well, maybe you can think of a few things but for this pie maker, the 1st Art of the Pie Camp, held July 27-30 in Port Angeles, WA, was a dream come true. Imagine seven people passionate about pie coming together to make, bake, eat, […]

Garden Angel

For well over 10 years I’ve lived here in my little blue and teal cottage, which I now call Pie Cottage—part-time that is. During some of those years, except for an occasional check-in, I was away for months at a time having some incredible adventures. Of course, the beautiful garden that I helped to create […]