Have You Considered the Fork?


When I’m not making pie, I’m somewhat of an avid reader. It’s always been that way. When I was in elementary school, my folks let me chose books, as many as I wanted, through Scholastic Book Club, and then I would find a way to be “sick” in order to stay home to read them the next day. […]

How To Be A Good Cook

Sheppard_Fidler_Basic Recipes

I love sleuthing around for old cookbooks. In them I find much inspiration. Basic Recipes: The Foundations of Modern Cookery by Marjorie Sheppard Fidler caught my eye in a seller’s collection recently. Carefully taking it off the shelf so as not to damage the jacket I was curious as to what I might find in […]

A Giveaway Today


A few things… 1. I’m doing a giveaway today. Leave a comment at the end of this post* and the winner will be picked randomly and notified on 4/28/14 by email. This is the first giveaway that I have ever done. I had no idea how much would be involved with it on my end […]