A Pie Garden


A Pie Garden I’ve been spending time in my garden these last weeks and enjoying it so much. When I moved to my little home in 1999, the yard was a blank canvas…of weeds and field grass with several big overgrown shrubs. In 15 years, it has become a beautiful mature garden…A Pie Garden!  Drought […]

Mothers’ Day Blossoms

Ornamental Cherry Blossoms

A few photos of Spring flowers at Pie Cottage just before the rain… I’ve had many moms over the years. The one who birthed me then gave me away. The one who raised me and too soon passed away. The ones who have come to help take her place. I’m the mom that I am […]

Garden Angel

For well over 10 years I’ve lived here in my little blue and teal cottage, which I now call Pie Cottage—part-time that is. During some of those years, except for an occasional check-in, I was away for months at a time having some incredible adventures. Of course, the beautiful garden that I helped to create […]

July Flowers


July is one of the busiest months of the year for me. Classes and demonstrations, summer events, picking fruit, farmers markets… My garden has had only cursory weeding and attention. Even though I was not attending to it, it seems like it has been attending to me. Perfect colors and blossoms that are smiling at […]