He was ready…

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you may remember that my step-dad Jerry took a bad tumble in late 2011 just after I returned from France. I received word that he passed away early this morning. He was ready. My mom and Jerry married after both of them had been widowed. They had a […]

Ten Cents

Ten Cents  (by Duncan McDermott Graham)

I was inspired to write this morning by the framed pencil drawing that is on my wall. It was created by my son, Duncan, when he was in high school. I love this picture not only because it captures so much of who he is, but also the values that I tried so hard to […]

I’m Ready


My goodness! After traveling for 5+ weeks it takes a bit of time to catch my breath, catch up on sleep and daily tasks…like bills, laundry and groceries. As you know, I had an unexpected trip to Santa Barbara right after I returned from Pig, Pig & Eye in France. My step-dad, Jerry, is doing […]

It’s part of the pie

I’m back…well sort of. I touched down in chilly and gray Seattle on Wednesday afternoon. Got through immigration and customs with no problem and was picked up by a friend. My sweet home was warm and welcoming when I walked through the door. I put on a kettle for a cup of tea and then […]