Pie is a Guilt Free Food

Pies (photo by Rebekah Denn)

Are there foods that should be guilt free…special foods and dishes that we should simply enjoy? That’s a conversation I had with Tom Douglas recently. When it is pie, I definitely think so. Tom agreed. When it is a homemade pie, I don’t think there’s even a question. Pie, one made from scratch, takes some […]

Plain Pie Crust

White House Cookbook (1898)

I’ve made a lot of pies to arrive at the lard and butter crust I make now. Many times I’ve heard myself say that the ratio of flour to fats as well as the kind of fats must have been figured out before. I mean, it’s just a pie. Right? You bet. And here’s the […]

A Kansas City Pie Day

A Slice of Heaven

This week, I traveled to Kansas City, Missouri to visit Maggie. I love visiting as she always challenges me to be true to myself. Of course there was a Kansas City Pie Day or two, too. The weather turned downright chilly while here but yesterday we indulged in the search for all things pie despite the […]