Signs of Spring


Signs of Spring I’ve been waiting to post because I really wanted to update you about the Hummy Hum. I was certain that I would have a solution to the ongoing issue by now (especially since Mercury has now turned direct and I am hopefully out of its vortex.) But it looks like we will have to wait […]

A Mercury Retrograde Vortex


A Mercury Retrograde Vortex I seem to be in a Mercury retrograde vortex. That’s certainly what it has felt like over the last few weeks with the Hummy Hum in the new oven…which is still not fixed. I’m on hold with the manufacturer and really really hoping that the next replacement part will take care […]

My Irish Afghan


My Irish Afghan My Irish afghan has been with me for over 35 years. It was handknit by Jeannie Hoeffer, a friend of both my mom and grand-mom, Geeg. I didn’t know Jeannie that well at all so, it was something of a surprise when my mom told me that leaning of my engagement, Jeannie, an avid […]