The Dishes


You would think I would have developed a better relationship with “the dishes” than I have. Here they are in all their messy glory, staring at me. I know…it could be worse. There could be even more! Last night they did duty when I set the table for a wonderful dinner with a friend from […]

Update on Another Project


I’m still here…REALLY! I’m smack dab in my busiest time of the year. Fruit is spilling out everywhere, at farmers markets, on my neighbors’ trees and in their gardens, on my trees, and it’s not letting up! It’s almost a full time job keeping up with it but I know I will be happy I’ve muscled my […]

Signs of Spring


Signs of Spring I’ve been waiting to post because I really wanted to update you about the Hummy Hum. I was certain that I would have a solution to the ongoing issue by now (especially since Mercury has now turned direct and I am hopefully out of its vortex.) But it looks like we will have to wait […]