Welcoming Fall

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Welcoming Fall It’s Fall. I wonder sometimes why we call it Autumn when Fall is so much more apt. Welcoming Fall. Branches heavily laden with ripe apples and quince.  A shawl around my shoulders and socks on my feet in the morning, instead of bare. The first scent of woodsmoke wafting in my window from a neighbor […]

April Showers Bring Flowers

Beautiful tulips at Pie Cottage blooming after April showers.

April Showers Bring Flowers Yesterday’s highlight was a wonderful small class at Pie Cottage! Three intrepid pie makers from around Washington state joined me for a jolly afternoon of pie making.We made rhubarb pies with just harvested stalks of ‘barb right out of my garden and we added in a few blueberries and sour cherries, too from the supply […]

A Pie Cottage Pilgrimage

Kate McDermott's Pie Cottage

I love it when visitors come to Pie Cottage! It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to share everything about it that makes it so special to me. Plus, you know how it is when you have company coming. Everything gets cleaned, put away, and tidied. Several weeks ago, food friends Tom Conway and Linda Nygaard made […]

Cupani Sweet Peas

Harvesting Cupani Seeds

Cupani sweet pea seeds. Perhaps you know them. These are home grown. small muted seeds black like peppercorns deep purple lavender blossoms a scent that is oh so sweet But first, from bone dry nutmeg colored pods, I harvest and think of other gardens where these seeds took root. This feels like starting over again. It feels good.   The Cupani’s […]