My Favorite Pie Server

My Favorite Pie Server

My Favorite Pie Server I have a favorite pie server. It’s serrated on both the right and left sides for righties and lefties. How cool is that! That’s something that I wouldn’t have really thought about until a lefty brought it to my attention. Isn’t it funny the many things we don’t see, or think about, until

Keep Everything Chilled

Don't lose your marbles. Just keep chill and make the pie!

Rule #1:  Keep Everything Chilled “Keep Everything Chilled…Especially Yourself!” These are words that I say at every workshop I teach.  This is pie…not rocket science. The world is not going to end if the crust doesn’t look like the cover of the glossy food magazine at the check out stand. For goodness sake, we are making a […]

What does pie mean to you?


What does pie mean to you? It may come as no surprise to you that I make pie just about every day. And, if I’m not making pie, I’m thinking, dreaming, reading, and studying it. It was an unexpected meeting that has turned into a serious and long lasting love affair. Art of the Pie is going into its seventh […]

Easy As Pies


Remember making these? Easy As Pies In the autumn when the maple leaves have flamed and fallen, choose a large one and cut it into pie-shaped pieces. from Mud Pies And Other Recipes, A Cookbook For Dolls by Marjorie Winslow