Poppy Tooker’s New Orleans

Poppy Tooker

I was doubly excited to leave for New Orleans last Friday. I was to speak at the International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC) and it was my first time to NOLA. I got to stay with my dear friend, Poppy Tooker, who in my opinion represents the heart of New Orleanean food culture. More about that […]

Pie on the Road: San Francisco and Frog Hollow Farms

Can't promise psychiatric help. Pie help only and it's FREE!

OK friends. I know I’m intermittent in keeping up with my blog but believe me, you are always on my mind…sometimes to distraction. Life continues to be very good and very busy. I should complain about this? Hardly. I’m grateful to be able to do work I love. So, that being said, I’ll be traveling over […]

How many ways to say pie?

It's mmmm good in any language.

How to say “pie” in a over 50 languages: pastei (Afrikaans) byrek (Albanian) կարկանդակ (Armenian) piroq (Azerbaijani) pastela (Basque) пірог (Belarusian) пай(Bulgarian) pastís (Catalan) 馅饼 (Chinese) pita (Croatian) koláč (Czech) tærte (Danish) taart (Dutch) pirukas (Estonian) pie (Filipino) piirakka (Finnish) tarte (French) torta (Galician) ტორტი (Georgian) Kuchen (German) πίτα (Greek) પાઇ (Gujarati) tat (Haitian Creole) […]

Gloppy & Soggy?

Berry Pie a la Mode (Photo by K Cline)

Much pie in this country is gloppy and soggy.  Sadly, this may have to do with the now several generations raised without basic cooking and baking skills… skills we need for survival. Western culture bought into a canned, boxed, frozen and fast food lifestyle a long time ago. And sadly, this may be the lasting […]