Easy As Pies


Remember making these? Easy As Pies In the autumn when the maple leaves have flamed and fallen, choose a large one and cut it into pie-shaped pieces. from Mud Pies And Other Recipes, A Cookbook For Dolls by Marjorie Winslow

Bake Those Pies!

Wow! What a great run of classes and workshops. There are just a few spaces left for the remaining Seattle winter classes. Click here for more information. I’m pulling back on my teaching schedule as I hunker down to finish my book. That doesn’t mean I won’t be teaching, just not as much as the […]

Big Clam Pie Part 2: The Recipe

For those who have asked, here is the recipe for Geoduck Pie in standard recipe form. You can see more photos in the original blog entry here. I’ve made this pie to serve on my table at home and taken it to potlucks. Every time it is tasted it is greeted with oohs, ahs and […]