Pie Social for Peace at Google Fremont: Jan 17, 2012


“Serving pie with the intention of cultivating peace brings us together around the table, where there is a place for all and every voice is respected.” —peacethroughpie.org These inspiring words are found at Peacethroughpie.org, a grassroots movement begun in 2009 by Luanne Stovall and Toni Tipton-Martin. Toni and Luanne are helping to re-establish the tradition […]

Want or Need?

Homemade Pies

I make pie just about everyday but I don’t always exactly know who’s going to get it. Perhaps this is baking on faith that the right pie will get to the right person at the right time. I’ve been asked, if I sell pies, have a pie shop or am planning to open one. My […]

A Dialogue with Pie

1st Place Seattle Pie Slam 2011

Yesterday as you may recall, I entered the 1st Seattle Pie Slam with a Shaker Lemon Pie. I heard that it was to be much like a poetry slam and since I’ve never been to one, I’m hoping that someday my good friend and sister pie maker, Kate Lebo, will let me tag along with […]

The Power of Pie

Kelly's Flowers

Just as I was starting to demonstrate how to make pie dough at last night’s class, my phone did it’s little “ding-ding” text-message thing. Being that my hands weren’t in the bowl and covered with flour and fats yet, and that the ding was so well-timed, I pulled my phone out of the deep apron […]