Pie on the Road: San Francisco and Frog Hollow Farms

Can't promise psychiatric help. Pie help only and it's FREE!

OK friends. I know I’m intermittent in keeping up with my blog but believe me, you are always on my mind…sometimes to distraction. Life continues to be very good and very busy. I should complain about this? Hardly. I’m grateful to be able to do work I love. So, that being said, I’ll be traveling over […]

Making a Lattice Crust

A Lattice Crust Pie is Easy

It’s nearly the 4th of July and that can only mean one thing for many of us. It’s Pie Day! How wonderful to see at backyard and park picnics, homemade pies with beautiful lattice crusts and they aren’t hard to put together at all. Really! Take a look at this You Tube piece I did for […]

Learning to Make Dough

Pie Dough Rolled on a Pastry Cloth

Over about a two and a half year period a few years back, I made oodles of traditional pie crusts using flours from local farmers markets as well as the bags that I bought off-the-shelf at the grocery. I tried different fats and brands of butter, adjusting the combination and amounts, finally tweaking the ratio […]

Plain Pie Crust

White House Cookbook (1898)

I’ve made a lot of pies to arrive at the lard and butter crust I make now. Many times I’ve heard myself say that the ratio of flour to fats as well as the kind of fats must have been figured out before. I mean, it’s just a pie. Right? You bet. And here’s the […]