Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual

I was raised in the Catholic church during a time when there were rituals galore. Vestments, candles, incense, the whispering silence of women and men on their knees with rosary beads laced between their wrinkled fingers, the soft musical cadence and rhythm of Latin words. I’m amazed to realize how much all of this has […]

Time is my friend

Time for a nap

Here’s my current list of things I want to have more time in my day for: create new recipes (savory, sweet, gluten free…) sew (need new aprons) garden (oh my!…planting will be upon us soon) walk (a good walk every day is medicine for the body, mind and spirit) see friends (let’s all get together […]

Pie is a Guilt Free Food

Pies (photo by Rebekah Denn)

Are there foods that should be guilt free…special foods and dishes that we should simply enjoy? That’s a conversation I had with Tom Douglas recently. When it is pie, I definitely think so. Tom agreed. When it is a homemade pie, I don’t think there’s even a question. Pie, one made from scratch, takes some […]

Having Fun Yet?


How many times I go to bed with the thought, “Tomorrow I will get so much accomplished.” Always hopeful that I will catch up with my list, I feel this exercise has become somewhat humorous and much like watching, Lady, try and catch her own tail when she was young. She’s given that up now. […]