A Happy Ending to the Hummy Hum Oven Woes!


A Happy Ending to the Hummy Hum Oven Woes! Yes, it is over and resolved. There is a happy ending to the Hummy Hum oven woes. Today with the blessings of the manufacturer, the hummy-hum oven has been returned to the dealer and I can now put this episode behind me. Am I oven-less? Perish the thought! My […]

The Hummy-Hum Oven Woes Part 2

If you are just tuning in, I’m in the middle of trying to get some satisfaction from an oven manufacturer about an annoying hum that a brand new oven I purchased less than 30 days ago is making. “The Hummy-Hum” is what I call the sound the control panel makes. You can read Part 1 […]

The Hummy-Hum Oven Woes Part 1

All I really want to do is get into the kitchen to make the chicken pot pie to share with my friend Denise who is coming over for supper and a catch up this evening, but it has started out to be one of those days where all sorts of computer related technical things keep popping up […]

Pie Birds

Pie Angel

Pie Birds Some people use them and some don’t. I’m in the later group. Pie birds have been around for some time now…at least since the Victorian era. Their purpose? To provide a vent in a pie for the steam so the filling inside doesn’t boil up or leak through the crust. One older book I have, “The Mystery […]