Last minute gifts for the pie maker!


My friend Evan Kleiman, who interviewed me earlier this year on her KCRW PieCast  (listen here), has put together the cutest app for pie makers and wanna be pie makers. In fact I think her sweet app, Easy As Pie, will turn many wannabes into actual practitioners of the craft! You’ll find a lot of […]

Pie is a Guilt Free Food

Pies (photo by Rebekah Denn)

Are there foods that should be guilt free…special foods and dishes that we should simply enjoy? That’s a conversation I had with Tom Douglas recently. When it is pie, I definitely think so. Tom agreed. When it is a homemade pie, I don’t think there’s even a question. Pie, one made from scratch, takes some […]

Cold hands, warm heart…perfect crust.

Ice Water

Seattle is having a heat wave. It’s predicted to be 100 degrees later this afternoon. This is not the Pacific Northwest weather to which I have grown accustomed. I am sweating. My sweet 14 year old dog, Lady, has been panting for days. Glasses of iced lemon water are helping to keep us all hydrated […]

Doug’s Bowl


It promised to be a pretty warm spring day…much warmer than this confirmed Northwesterner is used to! Late morning, Maggie, Doug and I headed out to the Saturday Farmer’s Market at the City Market in search of rhubarb pie ingredients. At home in Port Angeles and when I am in Seattle, shopping the local farmer’s […]