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Have you noticed that 80 or 90 degrees doesn’t seems as hot as it did six months ago? I have! I really check the weather when I’m making pie, especially in the summer. But, I don’t need a thermometer to tell me if it’s a hot day. I can tell immediately by how quickly my fats start to warm up and melt when I’m making a dough.

In the cooler months, when the temps hover around the 40’s at Pie Cottage,  a 60 degree day, is a hot weather day for me. When the the mercury rises to 70 and sometimes above, as it seems to do more of now during those cooler seasons, the weather seems a lot warmer to me than it does in the summer.

Today feels pretty cool and comfortable at Pie Cottage in the high 60’s. But, I KNOW it is not as cool as I think because my butter is melting when I make my dough. This tells me that I’ve become acclimated to this warmer weather season but also that I need to take that into consideration when I make my pie dough.

Remember Rule #1: Keep Everything Chilled…Especially Yourself!

Use the fridge to chill your dough. Keep your hands chilly by holding ice cubes if you need to touch the dough. Grate frozen butter into your dough instead of smooshing it with your hands. Chill your bowl. Check the weather…you can feel it right in the dough!

Do ANYTHING that you can do to keep that fat from wilting.

And don’t forget to have some ice water near by for you, too. We wouldn’t you to wilt either!

Now as soon as my pie comes out of the oven, I’ve off to the lake to share it with friends.

Be Happy, Stay Cool, Make Pie!

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