Today started out like most days…getting ready for baking, teaching, writing, mentoring.

I was just about to leave the house and head to my dear friend Kim O’Donnel‘s to work on a baking project. Since I had lingered over my cup of tea a bit longer than I planned, I called to let her know I was running a bit late.

“Did you know Christina Choi? She passed away. An aneurysm.”

Shock. Disbelief. Speechless. Christina was just 34.

I did not know her well but had met her on more than one occasion, eaten at her restaurant, Nettletown, and had certainly felt her influence as so many had.

Within minutes the word of her passing had spread in the tight-knit Seattle culinary community.

Kim and I decided to go ahead with our project. We lit a candle in Christina’s name and started to bake…letting love and creativity flow through our hands…laughing, telling stories, creating and experimenting in free form. Free form like Christina.

Kim wrote that Christina was a “culinary rising star”.

And she is…rising on the horizon…shining down on all of us.

Shine brightly, Christina.



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    How very sad…..death is not a respecter of ages!! Such a talent and promise of more to come, gone in an instant. Aneurysm is a known killer of young women. I had a friend who had one at age 26 many years ago now. She lived, but remains completely paralyzed. Living so far away on the southern tip of Africa I did not know of Christina but I “feel” the sorrow at her passing in your words and I am so sorry for that loss…..for you and all who knew and loved her and who will miss her….and for the culinary world that will never now know her full potential. Shine on Christina! xx

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    How very sad. I did not know Christina but I know and love the book Like Honey From A Weed which was a favourite of hers I believe. My condolences to the Seattle food community.

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