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A couple of weeks ago I attended  BlogHerFood in Seattle. I stayed at my dear friend Judy’s house and slept in the sweetest little guest room in the world.  Tucked under the eaves of the roof, my bed was built into the wall. I was able to open the white wooden shutters in the morning and see the fountain in the courtyard from my bed and hear the dribbling of the water which had been like a lullaby all night long. Cozy it was!

Before I left, Judy handed me a self-published book by a young author, Dominick Cura, called Eternally Gluten-Free: A Cookbook of Sweets and Inspiration, From a Teen!

When I got settled back into my own cottage in Port Angeles, I sat down to take a look at what this GF teen had written.

Dominick was diagnosed with Celiac in 2008. Some kids might find that news daunting especially as pizza and burgers are mainstays in the teenage diet. Believe me, we made plenty of those when my son, Duncan, was young. (By the way at 25, my boy is an ace at making homemade pizza!)

But instead of looking at the diagnosis of Celiac as a glass half-empty, Dominick seems to be the kind of young man who in the face of adversity, steps back to take a deep breath and decides to find the new possibilities that have been brought into his life and view them as gifts.

“Celiac Disease taught me to take control of my life and make it what I want it to be.”

“…there is an opposite bright side for ever dark side to life.”

Darn wise words for a teenager. I wish I had had that kind of wisdom when I was 13!

With an Italian culinary heritage coursing through his veins, this is not the usual brownie and cookie recipe book for teens. Recipes for Cassata Cake and Struffoli have me pondering just which I will make first.

And, on his website,, Dominick has some videos of he and his friend, Charlie, baking up a GF storm. Good going, guys!

Dominick says he wants to be a movie director when he grows up and I have every reason to believe that he will succeed at whatever he chooses.

“Anyone can dream, but if all you do is dream without putting effort into achieving your dream, then our dreams won’t come true.”—Dominick Cura

Dream big Dominick! I think you’re going to make a difference.

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    So nice to meet you at BlogHer in Seattle! I love making pies, though can’t confess to trying to make a Gluten Free one…my friend CJ who is gluten intolerant sure would love if I did though.

    • says

      Thanks for checking in! Great to meet you at BlogHerFood Seattle, too. I’ve had great feedback on the GF crust I just posted. Let me know if you make it.

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