Pie Camp, Pie Cottage, Pie Everything!

There’s so much going on at Pie Cottage and in my life right now. All of it wonderful. All of it good.

Greta is doing well and settling into her very important roll of “Official Pie Cottage Greeter”. She is such a sweetheart!

Pie Cottage Greeter, Greta

Pie Cottage Greeter, Greta

The remodel is going GREAT! There’s so much more room. Last night my neighbor, Lakota, and seven of his friends popped over and made short work of the Cherry-Apricot Pie I had made just that evening with fruit Farmer Al and Becky sent me from Frog Hollow Farm.

Some cheery cherries from Frog Hollow!

There were nine of us, including Greta and Fez the Cat, and there was still room for nine or ten more! This is so amazing after years of maneuvering around in a teeny-tiny space.

The new natural color bamboo floor is one-third of the way down. It passes all the right ecological and organic guidelines so I’m pretty happy about that, too. Carpenter Jim found a matching set of French doors to the ones I renovated and he installed last year so those will go in after I return from Pie Camp on Whidbey next week. Yup, Pie Camp starts this Friday!

Getting Ready for Pie Camp!

Getting Ready for Pie Camp!

Pie Camp started out as a crazy idea I had one night, when folks asked if there were longer multi-day offerings they might attend.

Pie School? Pie Academy?…Nah, too formal.
Pie Party…not exactly it either.
Then it struck me… Pie Camp.
That was it!

The first Pie Camp was in July of 2012. Here is a gallery of photos from Cathy Grossman of USA Today who attended. And now I have three scheduled this year… in May, August and October! The WA camps sold out in a matter of hours but there’s still some space for the October Upper Crust Camp in Montana.

And, if there’s interest for another Pie Camp in very early November on Whidbey, (hint hint…are you listening?), I might be convinced to do a fourth so, let me know!

OK, I’ve got some more packing and organizing to do before I load my pie-mobile on Wednesday night. So, over and out for me!

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