My Favorite Pie Server

My Favorite Pie Server

I have a favorite pie server. It’s serrated on both the right and left sides for righties and lefties. How cool is that! That’s something that I wouldn’t have really thought about until a lefty brought it to my attention. Isn’t it funny the many things we don’t see, or think about, until they come into our lives or are brought to our attention?

Another example would be Emily, my “Piemobile”. Emily’s a Prius, a pretty blue one. When Iris, my old dark blue 4WD Toyota SR5, was to the point where it wasn’t any longer economically feasible to fix her aches and pains, I bought Emily. I travel around thousands of miles each year teaching workshops so I wanted something that would fit all my gear and get good mileage, and Emily fits my needs. I hadn’t really noticed that kind of car before but once I bought her, I started to see more Emily’s…everywhere!

I had an old red Studebaker truck once from the 1940’s that came with some land I bought.

My Old Studebaker

My Old Studebaker

It’s not often now that I see one of these on the roads in big cities, but living as far out as I do, I smile when I see a big 2-ton model of the same vintage. It calls up very fond memories of hauling building materials, or hay (it could handle 80 bales), or just seeing it parked under some big cedar trees waiting to be called into service. I wish I had given him a name…he was a good guy.

But, we’re talking about pie servers. This is the one that I like.

My Favorite Pie Server

My Favorite Pie Server

It’s utilitarian. Silver and black. It looks and feels sturdy. I like it so much that I have seven of them. You probably will only need one…or two at the most, unless like me, you like to host pie socials or potlucks in which case, not only do I pull all seven out, but the additional four that I keep in the bottom drawer. I don’t like the others as well as my favorite seven, but when there are a lot of pies on the table, it’s all hands (and servers) on deck!

I took four pies and pie servers to my friend Marguerite’s house once for a food and music afternoon. A group of us, singers, instrumentalists, and pianists, all got together to sightread together. That was really fun! When I left at the end of the afternoon, I forgot one of my pie servers. The next time that Marguerite and I talked, she said, “I’m not giving this back, Kate. I use it for everything from serving clafoutis to salmon, and it makes a decent spatula, too.” To replace it, Margeurite gave me a pretty wooden one that she had. I appreciated the gesture but it just isn’t the same as my favs.

Now, when I take a pie to a gathering, I bring it in a pie basket with a pie server tucked in, too. When I leave, I make sure that I have my basket, my pie pan, and my server all reunited before I say my goodbyes and drive away in Emily.

Pie servers may not be something that you think much about but, if you are looking for a good serviceable one, you might try this one. If you get two, you can give one to another pie making friend. I bet it’ll be appreciated.

And now the fine print:  The maker of this pie server did not pay me, sponsor me, or provide any pie servers to me to write this post. I truly feel this is a great pie server and I’m happy to buy, use and tell you about what I like…and what I don’t. Yes, it’s available for you to buy through my website store. Here’s the link to the store. I think I get about ten cents if you do. :-)

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