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For well over 10 years I’ve lived here in my little blue and teal cottage, which I now call Pie Cottage—part-time that is. During some of those years, except for an occasional check-in, I was away for months at a time having some incredible adventures.

Of course, the beautiful garden that I helped to create when I first moved here in 1999 languished during periods of away-time and I want it to look my best for Pie Camp and for me, too. Gardens offer so much benefit to us. Yes?

So feeling overwhelmed I asked for help! Some of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook may have even seen it.

“I ask the goddess: Please send someone to help me in my cottage garden. With gratitude” 

Well, a few folks from as far away as Maine offered to be there in an instant if the distance weren’t so far. Just the thought of folks thinking about coming to help was bolstering for me.

When my “LTLF”* Kathi called to tell me that she had a garden fairy that she would share, I was just about jumping up and down. More than that, her garden fairy’s name is Angel! And, that she is.

(Not sure if  “long-term lifer friend”* is an official term, so if there’s another one that gets that point across, please feel free to share that information with me. OK?)

Angel arrived in my garden a week ago and thanks to her  persistence and dedication, the little gardens at Pie Cottage are really starting to  look great. I am blessed to have friends like Kathi and a garden fairy like Angel!

Pie Camp Update:
Chef Robin Leventhal
will be creating our opening night dinner, creating some pie fillings for us to taste and sharing her wit and wisdom as well. Gluten-Free Doctor, Jean Layton, will be joining us for camp and featured on our GF Day where she and I will present several options for great GF pies. I can’t wait for this camp to start!

Other news:
I’ve added some new dates for workshops in WA and am finalizing dates in Bethesda/DC and CA plus looking at the possibility of adding a 2-Day Pie Retreat in Kansas City, MO.

Life is wonderful, my friends.
Be Happy, Make Pie!



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  1. Sarah Campbell says

    Missouri. We usually have good quality apples here in the fall but maybe not this summer. The drought is taking a toll on the fruit trees.

  2. Sarah Campbell says

    I live in Kansas City and would be very excited for you to come here and do a pie class. Yay!

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