Gluten Free Pie

Pear Pie. Yes, it's Gluten Free! (Photo by Stephen Gross)

I love pie and I love to make it. But, the reason I started to make it was so I could enjoy eating it. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I learned I have a gluten sensitivity.

What no more pie???

Hardly. Pie is part of my life and although I don’t eat it ALL the time, I do like a good piece for breakfast or a late afternoon snack.

I tried all sorts of flours. Some worked and some didn’t. Some like garbanzo, were overwhelming in their strong flavor. They were set aside.

Then there was technique and chilling and rolling.

All those years spent studying piano paid off. This was just another discipline to master. I practiced and practiced.

Low and behold, after a year of practicing and testing I feel like I got it right.

And, then one day late this summer, the phone rang. It was Silvana Nadrone, a great GF baker, cook and writer. She had heard about my pies, not only my gluten-full pies but the gluten-free ones as well.

“Would you be willing to write a feature article on holiday pies for the new magazine, Easy Eats?”

Wow! Easy Eats is a great resource for recipes, not just GF but great tasting food!

Of course, I said “Yes!”.

And, the result of all that practice is in the December issue which has my pie on the cover and a 14-page article about my GF pies with pictures and recipes!

Have you seen it?



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