As many of you know, I lost my beloved Lady in 2011, just before I left for France. It was hard to say goodbye to her. We had been together as best friends for nearly 16 years. When I returned, the months that followed were full of more changes: A move from Seattle back to Pie Cottage, a new and unexpected relationship begun with great hopes only to crash and burn…”tears and fears“…you know how it goes.

But, I got through it…as best I could…battered, bruised and hopefully a little wiser.
(Note to self: Never again date someone you meet on FB.)

So, after more than a year without a 4-legged friend, I was hoping that the right dog for me would come once again. I didn’t know when or where… just that I would be ready when the time was right. I wrote about this here when I told you about pie grads Annie and Michael from Chicago finding Greta for me. She’s been in training with them now for 6 weeks and…



…today I just made my travel plans to go to Chicago, meet her and bring her home to Pie Cottage!

I’m leaving Feb 1st and counting the days until then!

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  1. susan cameron says

    And, lots of good health and love in your life. I would like to ask a question on top layer of
    pie design. How do I do or get those pretty little hearts on a two crust pie? I will appreciate you telling me. Maybe something I buy in Boston where I live. Thanks so much and again lots of health and happiness in your life. Susan

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