Having Fun Yet?

clockfaceHow many times I go to bed with the thought, “Tomorrow I will get so much accomplished.” Always hopeful that I will catch up with my list, I feel this exercise has become somewhat humorous and much like watching, Lady, try and catch her own tail when she was young. She’s given that up now. Maybe I should, too.

Today I added:

  • Clean refrigerator:  It’s amazing how much room is there once the “units of mysteryare removed!
  • Organize pantry: Canning season/need more shelf space.
  • Reorganize dish cupboards and baking shelves: Can’t resist blue and white dishes from garage sales.
  • Clean my desk and office: Desktop? What’s a desktop?
  • Re-shelve cookbooks: Use chair for live person rather than large but colorful pile that has accumulated on it.
  • Sew a new apron: I love to sew. When was the last time I even sewed on a button?
  • Add to Duncan’s homegrown cookbook: It’s been three years since I added any to his requested personal collection.
  • Organize the growing piles of culinary magazines and newspapers or take to recycling: TAKE TO RECYCLING…15+ year old magazines will be archived online if needed.

Writing this much of it down is paralyzing. I just know I had more time when Duncan was little. A usual list 20 years ago may have been:

  • Go to library
  • Snuggle on couch with new picture books
  • Bake snack for playgroup
  • Pick and process homegrown strawberries
  • Harvest veggies from garden and make soup

…and there was still time!

I don’t do a quarter of the things I used to and seem to have less and less time to do the things I do do.

If the saying, “Time flies when you are having fun” is true, then I’m sure having one heck of a lot of it…FUN that is!

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  1. says

    Oh this doesn’t give me much hope at all. My two boys are little and we are so strapped for time. My only hope is that there will be more when they are older. Now what am I going to do? Guess I should work on developing a way to avoid sleeping.

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