It’s part of the pie

I’m back…well sort of. I touched down in chilly and gray Seattle on Wednesday afternoon. Got through immigration and customs with no problem and was picked up by a friend. My sweet home was warm and welcoming when I walked through the door. I put on a kettle for a cup of tea and then sat at my round kitchen table while I poured it out out plus a few stories of my amazingly wonderful month long journey in France, England and Spain.

I was ready to go to sleep at 3PM but took the advice from seasoned travelers to stay up until atleast 8PM. I made it until 9PM and then tucked myself in to my own very comfy bed! Oh how good that felt! I woke up at 2:30AM not knowing exactly where I was. When I finally did figure that out, I realized that I could turn myself back over for more 4o more winks of blissful sleep.

The day began around 6:30AM with a little breakfast. Next on the agenda was seeing my son, Duncan, and fetching, Fez, the cat, a two part journey. I started up the road to Bellingham to pick my boy up and when my cell phone rang, pulled off to the side, like a good girl, to take the call.

When I finished the chat, the car wouldn’t start. Apparently there had been enough charge in the electronic battery of my Prius to get me going but the gas engine had not started up to take over and charge the electronic battery. There wasn’t enough juice to get it going again. Oh dear!

After a call to AAA (gotta love those guys!) I was on my way again in less than an hour. I picked up Duncan and then headed out to Port Angeles to pick up Fez, chatting along the way. So nice when your adult children become your friends!

Once kitty-boy heard the car, he showed up very quickly. Lots of purring and rubbing and meowing to tell us about his adventures, too! We settled him in and headed on our way once again.

While we were driving back to Seattle I received a call from my 91 year old step-father, Jerry. Checking in on him is one of the reasons I go to Santa Barbara so often.

“How are you doing?”

“Not too well” was the response. We chatted a bit and then he said, “I think you should come now.” 

So, I’m getting back on a plane today…actually two planes…to see him.

Sharing this special time with him is just part of the pie.

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  1. Pam says

    Many of our loved ones seem to know when they’re ready to go off on new adventures. Blessings to him and your family.

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