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Jenny Ann Hall Steelquist. September 19, 1952 – April 2, 2013







For three plus years I have been dedicating my pies to my dear friend Jenny. Today she lost her battle with cancer.

Many of you who have taken my workshops will remember me putting an intention for her health and healing into my bowl before placing my hands in to mix flour, salt, fat and water. But, Jenny was the most important ingredient of all—LOVE.

Jenny's Pie

Jenny’s Pie

I miss you sweet friend…may you stay forever young.

Jenny Ann Hall Steelquist. September 19, 1952 - April 2, 2013


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  1. Siham says

    Thank you for this lovely tribute to a beautiful woman I knew back in high school. I’m so sad that she is gone, sadder still that I couldn’t see her during her battle with cancer. But I know her spirit was always strong and full of love and creativity. That lives on in the people she loved and also in her work.

  2. Susan Schrager says

    What an inspiring idea to create an intention before beginning a pie. Your friend was blessed with your love. Looking forward to the August Pie Camp.

    • says

      She truly was a wonderful woman. We all miss her. It just feels like there is a hole and nothing will ever fill it up. And, of course, there never will be. Jenny was the best and one of kind. I see her though in the kindness and warmth of her sons, her husband, and her friends. She so she is still with us.

  3. Suzanne DeBey says

    I watched her fight this with every fiber of her being and I just “knew” she would beat it. What a sweet, caring woman and a wonderful teacher. The world is a lesser place, and she will be greatly missed.

  4. Cathy says

    She lives on in all the acts of goodness she brought to the world. She’ll be in every pie you make — as are all whom you love.

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