A Kansas City Pie Day

This week, I traveled to Kansas City, Missouri to visit Maggie. I love visiting as she always challenges me to be true to myself. Of course there was a Kansas City Pie Day or two, too.

The weather turned downright chilly while here but yesterday we indulged in the search for all things pie despite the falling temperatures and snow.

I was hoping to take a look in some 2nd hand and antique type stores but as it was a Monday, most were closed. We didn’t let that deter us for a minute.

First our pie-mobile (dubbed that for the day) carried us to the Kansas City Star to drop off a freshly baked Shaker Lemon Pie as a thank you for Derek Donovan. Last year Derek kindly told me where I might find leaf lard in Kansas City.

Derek's Shaker Lemon Pie

Derek’s Shaker Lemon Pie

Next we went to Pryde’s Kitchen Store where this vintage Magic Chef oven was parked in the lot in back. I sure would have loved to have taken it home with me.

Magic Chef

Magic Chef with snow.

In the store’s basement is a sweet looking homemade pie operation called The Upper Crust.  I know a fair amount of folks who certainly agree with the sentiment below…

A Slice of Heaven

A Slice of Heaven!

…especially if the pies are homemade!

Homemade pies

Homemade Pies

This is one of three pieces of original pie art by Mike Savage displayed at The Perfect Crust.

Sunny Pie

Sunny Pie by Mike Savage

Stopped off for a lunch of Kansas City BBQ at Gates and bought a little Yammer Pie to take home to Maggie’s husband, Doug. Wish I had taken a picture of it to show you. About 4 inches across and full of sweet potato goodness.

The Pie Lady, Marcia Prentiss in nearby Lenexa, Kansas was next on the list. When Obama was campaigning, she brought him a freshly baked sweet potato pie.

The Pie Lady

The Pie Lady Coffeehouse

The pie lady was out for the afternoon but, I did meet Marta Johnson, an aspiring baker, who is working in the shop. Marta was a great sport and agreed to let Maggie photograph us with this larger than life piece of cherry pie on the wall by the kitchen.

Marta and Me with Piece of Cherry Pie

Marta and Me with Piece of Cherry Pie

And, to finish our day, The Goddess of Pie was there in all her passion pink glory complete with her Pie Lady rolling pin.

Pie Goddess

The Goddess of Pie

I’m looking forward to my next visit and a continuation of the pie quest no matter where I am. Where’s your favorite spot to go for pie and pie culture and antiques? I’m always up for a road trip!

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