Keep Everything Chilled

Rule #1:  Keep Everything Chilled

“Keep Everything Chilled…Especially Yourself!” These are words that I say at every workshop I teach.  This is pie…not rocket science. The world is not going to end if the crust doesn’t look like the cover of the glossy food magazine at the check out stand. For goodness sake, we are making a homemade pie, and in my opinion, how it looks is secondary to how it tastes.

A few years back, I was asked to bring a pie into the national headquarters of a well known food and recipe website. I made what I consider to be a beautiful pie.A handmade artisan pie. Each one I make is unique.

I was warmly greeted when I arrived with my little pie basket in hand. I set it on the counter in the test kitchen, opened up the woven hinged lid, reached in to pull my pie out and could still feel some of its natural heat from baking, and happily set it on the counter.

The next words that I heard were…

“It’s so….(longish pause)…rustic!”

Well, I suppose if you are used to seeing cookie cutter pies, it was. But, I don’t make cookie cutter pies…you know, the ones that come out of a pie press with doughs that look exactly the same each time. I make artisan pies. Every single one of them is different.

So, when I say, Keep Everything Chilled, I’m referring not only to the fats that go into the dough, the flour (I keep my flour for pie in the freezer), my hands (I hold ice cubes if my hands feel too warm before working with dough), and bowl (I store it in the freezer), but also ME.

So, don’t get upset and lose your marbles over it. Just chill out, be happy and make pie!

Don't lose your marbles. Just keep chill and make the pie!

Don’t lose your marbles. Just keep chill and make the pie!

And, yes, just in case I do lose a marble or two, I have a bowl full, so I will always know where to find them!

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