Whole Pie

Brendon recently took one of my pie classes. He walked in the door with a smile on his face, seemed to enjoy himself alot and made a great pie that day. It was not until I received the words below that I realized just how much the day meant to him.


Brendon enjoying class pie break.

I can’t tell you how long I have been looking for a pastry class in this city, YEARS IT SEEMS.  A few weeks ago, my best friend Cathy gave me an article, “Pie Time for Love” clipped out neatly from the Seattle Weekly. She knew of my endless, fruitless search for a pastry class.  I loved the article and immediately e-mailed Kate at Art of the Pie to enroll in her class.

Life has been pretty grim for me since I was laid off of my job as the manager of a wholesale home furnishing showroom last March.  I had to sell my house and move into my sister’s house on Camano Island.  After all this time, I’m still struggling to find work and keep my sanity.

I went to class at Kate’s in late September and it was incredible, a Zen experience.

I walked up to Kate’s cute, funky little house not sure if I was at the right place.  No one was around but looking into the picture window, next to her front door, I saw the most beautiful pie sitting in the middle of a large worktable.  I knew this was the place. Kate was incredibly warm and gracious from the first moment she welcomed me into her house.

The class was comfortable, entertaining and enlightening in all things pie and fruit.

After a too-quick four hours, we finished up the class with an incredible smorgasbord of treats while Kate read to us on the magic of pies from a book dating back to the 1800’s.

“Magic” was the word for the day.

The whole experience was the best, the pie instructions, my classmates, EVERYTHING was perfect.

This was the most uplifting thing that has happened to me since I lost my job and identity.  Pie class made me feel whole again.

Brendan T. Freeman

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