Peace is Powered by Pie!

Peace Pie (Photo by Stephen Gross)

Today is Martin Luther King Day and it is the perfect day to practice what Dr. King espoused in small and large ways.

Make a pie and bring it to a neighbor you have yet to meet. Make a new friend. Smile and say hello to those you pass on the street. We are not here alone. We are all brothers and sisters.

Now come to the table and share a piece of pie for peace like my friends Luanne Stovall and Toni Tipton-Martin are doing. They have created an organization called Peace Through Pie and today there are pie socials across the country celebrating peace. As my friends say on their website:

“…we are rekindling the pie social as a vehicle for positive social change. Serving pie with the intention of cultivating peace brings us together around the table, where there is a place for all and every voice is respected.”

And, what I say is, we are all on the peace train and it’s powered by pie!

Now my brothers and sisters, GET ON BOARD!

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  1. Antonia says

    Pie starts with flour, one of our products of this great country. Pies are made with love on the most peaceful room in our homes. We share it with loved ones and eat it with pure pleasure. Thank you, Kathy for shareing your lovely creations with us!!!

  2. says

    I truly believe that the world can be healed with grace and simple gestures like making, sharing and working together. Pie is like “Paying It Forward” while seasoning liberally with tradition. Pie is universally loved. All those old aphorisms like “Many hands make short work.” Well, those many hands make a chain that connects us for a greater purpose. Pies through peace is the joining of all our collaborative efforts pie makers and those that love pie, across the country and around the planet. K

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