IT’S PI DAY 2014

img_3685It’s Pi Day 2014

…and I won’t pretend to understand how it is that 3.14 goes on forever and ever. Pi Day 2014 is no exception to that fact that when the big day comes around, and all the days preceding, the big thought just boggles my mind.

Last weekend I watched the first episode of the new Cosmos series. Have you seen it? I don’t have a TV. But my neighbors Omma and Joe do so on the afternoon of the first episode, I called them up to ask if they were going to watch and if it might be possible to join them. Yes, it was.

At one point in the show, there were all these little bubbles of universes within universes, and I started to wonder…

“What if the big Cosmos is just one big pie? And if so, what would it be filled with?”

I truly believe it would be filled with just one thing.



3.14 Pi Day

Like 3.14, Love is the one thing that is infinite. It is what shapes us as individuals, as families, as regions, countries, a world, and maybe even this universe…or two. Love is what sustains us. It patiently waits for us and is always there.

Love can be and is often scary. Who really wants to open themselves up to failure, hurt, and vulnerability?

Just yesterday this was brought to my attention when I questioned if I could make a dream that I have, become a reality.  So I called my lifelong friend Maggie, who I can always count on to give me an honest opinion and to ask just the right question.

A Pi Pie for Pi Day

A Pi Pie


“I’m scared.”

“Why are you scared?”

“I’m scared that I won’t succeed.
That I won’t be able to complete what I start.
That it won’t be perfect.
That ‘I’ won’t be perfect.
That I will fail.”

Now first of all believe me when I say that I didn’t think that any of this had anything at all to do with pie or pie making.

She then very kindly reminded me that when people come to my pie workshops, they are just as scared as I and have these very same thoughts.

Here’s a fill in the blank for you. What are you scared off?

Lots of Little Pi Day 2014 Cookies

Pi Day Cookies

I am scarred of _________.

  • Making the perfect pie
  • Rolling out dough
  • Burning the pie
  • Being good enough
  • Being worthy
  • Being loveable
  • Loving
  • Love

I know. I know. Sometimes, I do get far afield from words about plain old pie making.
But, that’s just me! :-)

Pi Pie and Pie Cookies for Pi Day 2014

Pi Pie and Pie Cookies

Every pie is full of love. They are all unique.  Who the heck cares what it looks like on the outside when that filling is full of the best, the essential, and the key ingredient in life, (and in my mind all of the Cosmos) and that is plain and simple…LOVE. When all else is said and done, what is really going to last and matter but LOVE?

Make a pie today and into it put your hands and heart. Take a moment before anything goes into the bowl and ask yourself these questions:

  • What is pie?
  • Why am I making pie?
  • Who is this pie for?

I think it’s about Love and isn’t that the grandest thing of all?

P.S. Be sure to check out this really cool visual and sound Π (Pi) journey! And many thanks to Garrett Heath and Pi People for the wonderful Pi Pan that they so kindly sent me last year. You can get one of your own here!

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  1. Patsy Wear says

    I have just recently discovered your blog and have found so much inspiration and fabulous recipes! Thanks for all this!

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