Pie A La Road Day 17

Pie A La Road Day 17


It was the second year in a row for me to visit San Francisco on Ben & Jerry’s Free Ice Cream Day!

Pie A La Road Day 17: Yup, the pie-mobile is still on the road and doing great. We’ve taught 8 classes and made 50+ pies. Yesterday we took the day off in San Francisco meeting up with some of Duncan and Robin’s friends, walking around and seeing the sites, heading out to Ocean Beach to enjoy the sound of the surf and a bit of sun on our faces. We even were here for the free ice cream day that Ben & Jerry’s does once a year. We walked over to Haight & Ashbury for a free scoop which felt sort of magical as last year I was in San Francisco with my friends Jamie Schler, Robin Ove, and Ilva Berreta and it was free ice cream day as well. Is this the power of pie? Ice cream? Friendship? Or what?

I’ll be writing up a recap in a series of posts when I return to Pie Cottage later this week. But, for now, please visit and enjoy these two posts by friends (one old and one new) who have been part of the very first Pie À La Road Trip!

The Heritage Cook: “Pie À La Road Adventure with Kate McDermott”, Jane Bonacci, Apr 9, 2014

Cooking JJ’s Way: “Pie Baking with Kate McDermott”, Janet Joseph, Apr 2, 2014

I think you will like them a lot! I know I sure do. Thank you Jane and JJ.

OK, we’re just about to finish packing the trusty Pie-Mobile and hit the Pie-Way!

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