Pie À La Road Recap: Part 1

Pie À La Road Recap: Part 1

Day 1: Duncan and Robin made it to Pie Cottage from their home in Bellingham, WA on Friday night to join me for Pie À La Road. Our departure would be on Monday morning so this would give us a wonderful weekend of visiting, sharing meals, making pots of homemade chai (it tastes so much better when you grind your own fresh spices just before they go into the pot), checking and rechecking our lists, and getting all our supplies stowed in boxes and baskets and ready to go.


A few rolling pins, measuring cups, and other assorted pie gear.

None of us felt like making dinner on Sunday night so we walked over to a little spot in town where the fajitas are yummy and the pina coladas are cool and refreshing. Duncan thought it would be fun to have a quest of finding the best pina colada on the journey. Fun!

When we got back to Pie Cottage, Duncan went into the kitchen to make a pie to leave for Ben, who would be taking care of Mr. Fez while we were away.


Our official À La Road Pie made by Duncan!

When Monday morning arrived my son, who has always had incredible spacial awareness, packed the Pie-Mobile with our many boxes and baskets. He even made sure that there was room for our pillows AND his guitar and skateboard, too. I’m not sure just how he got all of that stuff in there, but he did, with ample room for all three of us.

Now to get Greta to her B&B. She snuggled in at my feet in the well of the passenger seat and we drove to the Dungeness Ranch Pet Resort in Sequim. I love the folks there and they love my girl, too. I knew I would miss her happy and buoyant spirit each day, but whenever she stays there I have complete confidence that she will be getting top notch care and lots of loving attention from Kelly and her wonderful family who own and operate what has to be the best pet resort ever!

Next stop was the library to stock up on some audio books to listen to on our 2.5 week, 3500 mile journey. It was almost time for “elevenses” at this point, so we decided we might as well stop for some lunch before we got seriously out on the road. A few miles west is Sunny Farms so we backtracked there and picked up some munchie snacks, drinks, and ordered up some sandwiches to go. NOW, we were ready.

Our first class in Danville, CA, a mere 855 miles away, was a bit far to attempt in a one day drive, so our goal was to break it up and spend the first night in Ashland, OR, a little over 500 miles away. That way we could also enjoy a more leisurely pace.


Somewhere in Northern California

All three of us love to hunt for treasures in thrift stores and at estate sales. By the time we were passing through Eugene, OR, we thought a little thrift store stop was in order plus some supper. After consulting Siri on my iPhone for the best thrift store, which turned out to be St Vincent de Paul, we spent an hour or so looking at other folks’ giveaways. Oh, if I only had room for ALL the baskets that I saw but I knew that if something more came into the car, something would have to go out, and EVERYTHING that we had was necessary.

Now we were hungry again and another Mexican restaurant was right around the corner so we had more fajitas but decided to pass on the pina coladas since we had hours more of driving to go and wanted to be safe. (How’s that for a run on sentence!) With our bellies full, we piled back in the car, tuned into story time, and continued South. By 11PM we turned off for Ashland and pulled into our lodging.  Robin was hoping for a late night swim in the pool but it was closed by then. Ah well.

Day 2: After breakfast in the morning, we loaded back up and got back on the road to Danville after a quick stop for morning libations at Morning Glory in Ashland. I love stopping to get a latte or chai when I pass through. It’s such a sweet place!


A sweet way to start the morning…gazing at Morning Glories.

We wanted to arrive by 4pm so we could unload, have some time to chat with our host Debi, and check out the local produce markets. My good friend, Jane Bonacci (The Heritage Cook) had already arrived.  Debi’s home is beautiful and her first class kitchen simply perfect for teaching a workshop!

Debi and Jane took me over to a local market where we made arrangements for a case of rhubarb to be set aside for me for the following morning. I was assured it would be there by 10AM and they would call went it arrived…nothing to worry about. Right? I bought a few stalks to make the pie that I would bake off in the morning to share while our workshop pies were baking. Jane even gave me an impromptu photo lesson on depth of field so I could practice more with Otto on the road! Then back to the house to freshen up before dinner.


A depth of field lesson from Jane.

Jane had made reservations for all of us at Esin. We all piled in Debi’s car and off we went. It was the perfect place to toast to the success of Pie À La Road. After traveling for 855 miles, it was wonderful to enjoy a slow evening with good friends, food, and conversation at the table.  With very satisfied tummies, we headed back to our lodging, chatted for awhile and then turned in for the night.


Settling in for the night in Danville.

In the morning, we’d pick up the promised fruit, make pie, and set up for Workshop #1.

Next Up:
Pie À La Road Part 2: Fruit? What fruit?

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    How fun to relive your trip with you and learn all about the little details I missed the first time. You are so wonderful to include us in your swing through California – it was an honor and a privilege!

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