A Pie Garden

A Pie Garden

I’ve been spending time in my garden these last weeks and enjoying it so much. When I moved to my little home in 1999, the yard was a blank canvas…of weeds and field grass with several big overgrown shrubs. In 15 years, it has become a beautiful mature garden…A Pie Garden! 


Drought tolerant remains a big thing for me and my garden is mostly 90% not watered. After watering a new plant during the first season, if it makes it through the next three or so with just the water from the sky (yes, I do enjoy the rains of Washington State), and I like it, then I’ll put more of the same plant in. If it doesn’t make it? Well, I hoick them out.

Just yesterday I took out a rose that I had really been wanting to thrive. Well, after 10 years, it hadn’t done much of anything. In fact, it was about the size it was when I put it in. We just weren’t a good fit for each other, I guess. So, out it went. It sort of reminds me of those sayings about letting go that which no longer serves you so other good stuff can flow into your life.

I’m planning on adding some more trees and plants this fall when the rains come and of course, they will be used for pies in future years. I’m thinking sour cherry tree, raspberry canes, rhubarb (a/k/a pie plant) from Melissa’s farm, plum, and a pear tree. Blueberries for some reason did not do well here, but my strawberries sure did!

How does your Pie Garden grow?

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