Pie on the Road: San Francisco and Frog Hollow Farms

Can't promise psychiatric help. Pie help only and it's FREE!

OK friends. I know I’m intermittent in keeping up with my blog but believe me, you are always on my mind…sometimes to distraction.

Life continues to be very good and very busy. I should complain about this?

Hardly. I’m grateful to be able to do work I love.

So, that being said, I’ll be traveling over the next few weeks. Actually the next 3 months are full of travel…something I didn’t do a whole lot of when I was younger. But, the older I get, the younger I feel. Now, isn’t that amazing!

Saturday (Aug 20) I’ll be in San Francisco at Frog Hollow Farms market stand at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. I’ll be giving out free pie advice much like Lucy in Peanuts. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood. I love this market. And, I love Frog Hollow peaches!

P.S. I’ll try to check in more regularly and keep you posted from the road.

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  1. Phyllis Skalko says

    Wow…..I used too work at One Market before I retired…..They had just opened the Farmers Market there just as I was leaving. As to Frog Hollow
    They have spectacular Fruit….APRICOTS…..that’s what I love. They are the only place to get an apricot that really tastes like an apricot. I know, as I was raised on an apricot orchard. Apricot Pie is my all time favorite pie…even after working every summer picking, cutting, hauling lug boxes of apricots I swore I would never eat another apricot when we finally sold the orchard. HA! laughs on me….Wish I could be there…..but a 5 hour trip is a bit much for me now….But who knows…maybe a Fairy will come to give me a ride to SF. Have a wonderful visit .

    • says

      Farmer Al’s apricots are THE BEST and the season is just about here, too. My son Duncan worked there one summer for Al and Becky who are our very good friends, too. I’ve been to One Market on a few occasions. Lovely evenings and meals. Were you the pastry chef…or?

      • Phyllis Skalko says

        Oh I wish! No, I was the controller for a Foundation located in the Steuart Tower at One Market. I just really like good food and Pie is my favorite dessert. Working in that area with One Market, Tadich Grill and Boulevard, and the Slanted Door….It was heaven for a foodie. Dunsmuir is a very small town that I live in now but it has the best restaurants in Siskiyou County and the neighboring county of Shasta. So I am not being deprived. Enjoy for me too…Best always Phyllis

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