“Pie-One-One”: Help is on the way!

Be Happy, Make Pie! (Photo Credit: Rebekah Denn)

Links to five pieces I’ve written for you to help you with your Thanksgiving pies.

Be Happy Make Pie!

Flour, Salt, Fat and Water (a pie-dough tutorial)

Leaf Lard (what it is and how to render it)

Making a Lattice Crust (scroll down in the entry for the link to a video)

Rolling Pins (a variety of options)

Pie is a Guilt Free Food (a few words for pie makers, eaters and seekers)

Share Art of the Pie


  1. Maria Pittao says

    When I take my pie out from the oven the top is nice and high like the ones showing in your picture, but after 10 – 15 minutes it caves in. What am I doing wrong?

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