Pie Camp July 2012!

Four days of non-stop Pie Making! What could be better?

Well, maybe you can think of a few things but for this pie maker, the 1st Art of the Pie Camp, held July 27-30 in Port Angeles, WA, was a dream come true.

Imagine seven people passionate about pie coming together to make, bake, eat, walk, talk, laugh and cry. We did it all.

Even though it has been not quite a week since our last pies “sizzle-whumped” their way out of my oven, still lingering in Pie Cottage is the anticipation and exhilaration each time we rolled out a dough, constructed a pie, baked it off and then ooh’d and ah’d  as we bowed down to open the oven door and let them take center stage.

Here are just a few photos from our days together.

Art of the Pie Camp: Port Angeles, WA, July 26-30, 2012

GF Doctor, Jean Layton explains the fine points of GF baking

Red Huckleberry Pie made with local Olympic Peninsula fruit

Pie Felting Class at The Cabled Fiber, Port Angeles

Ready for the oven.

Crafting a lattice crust.

Pie Love!

Will work for pie!

If you are hungry for more pics of Pie Camp right now, you’ll find more over at Jean’s  Pie Camp Album.

Jean Layton (GFDoctor) and I are getting together soon to plan our next Pie Camp. Be sure to join the Art of the Pie mailing list to receive notification of it. You’ll have a wonderful time!

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  1. joyce fitzgerald says

    I’ve tried several times to join your mailing list but have not been able to get past the “please type in what you see” part . . .the computer just keeps “looping” back over and over again . . .I know I can’t fix whatever the problem is but please . . all I want is to get on your listing. Thanks for your time. joyce f

    • says

      Joyce- Thank you for letting me know you have had a challenge signing up. I’m not sure why that is happening. I’ll try to add you. The email service will send an email asking you to respond to a confirmation email, too. Hopefully all will go smoothly. K

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